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Subject: maths teacher knows bestThis is a true story,When i was 13 , and in a secondary school in cheeks in 1963,i must have been the bbs tgp young worst maths pupil in my class, because i was always
having to do detention,im good with maths now, but then i was uslessmaths was always on a wednesday, elweb bbs ls
and i hated it, but i bbs xxx little liked my list top underground bbs teacher,
lets call him mr smith, not his real name,one Wednesday after he had checked all our maths papers, he called me over
to his desk and told me to stand next to him,he then told me to look at my homework with him, you have got them nearly
all wrong, as i was looking at the bbs pedo guestbook paper work, i felt his hand touch my leg,he said you are going to get nasty virgins bbs
detention once more, nothing unusual for me,
he sent me back to my desk and the class carried on, 3-30 pm all the class
got up to leave except me,mr smith was looking bbs porn young defloration
down at some papers and didn't angel teen bbs board notice me, but as i
went to get up , he said where are you going boy,i sat down again and thought how long do i have to sit here, i put my hand
up and asked him how long detention would be,he said if i didn't want to sit here for half an hour , then i could videos de bbs
out of it another way, i asked him what he meant and he said i could get six
of the best from his cane, i had to think about this and eventually said ok
sir i will take a caning,he moved his chair back and told me to go and lock the door so we wouldn't
be disturbed, he said come here and bend over his desk, i got up and moved
towards him, hesitantly i add,i walked around the desk and moved in between his legs, i then bent over
and held onto the edge of the desk waiting for my punishment to start,he moved his chair back further and then stood up, his cane was next to him
as it always was, even when he walked around the school , just incase he
had to hand out instant punishment,i heard the whoosh of the cane as he tested it at an invisible cp bbs child backside,he moved to littles bbs the side of me and told me to hold tight, before i knew tiny angels bbs gallery it
smack came the first stroke, it caught me unawares and i lolta teen bbs
jumped super bbs in porn up, he said
over boy, and i took up the position again,one after another the cane found its kiddieporn bbs target, till i board bbs mixx had counted six in
total, i stayed where i was i could feel my bottom all hot and it was painful,i heard him sit down in his chair once bbs svens more, nymph bbs he asked me did that hurt and
i said yes sir, he said would you like me to make it better, i said ok sir,he said stand up, i stood up and i could feel the 14yo 16yo 12yo bbs pain and the heat from my
red cheeks bbs underground toplist
, ouch,he then made me jump as he put his sun loita bbs arms around me , not to cuddle me sex japan bbs but
to undo my buttons on my trousers, i said what are you doing dark angel sven bbs sir and he
replied i need to get to the bare skin so i can apply the ointment,he carried on undoing my buttons and then he pulled them down past my
knees, the he got hold of the waist band of my underpants and pulled them down
as well,i sven bbs pedo
instantly put my hands down little boy kds bbs to my cock and balls to cover them, but he
said bend over the desk at once, i let bbs petite go of my cock and balls and bent over
the desk and grabbed the edge once more,i heard the draw of his desk slide open and he was rumaging around in it
looking for something, teenbbs then i heard the draw close, he moved his chair closer
to me as i could ukraine teen bbs almost feel his breathe on my cheeks,he squirted some sort of underground bbs list cream onto my cheeks and then started to rub it
onto my hot but tender bottom, he did both cheeks bbs 4 boylove
at the same time , up and
down and in circular motions,he did this for what seemed like ages, but most probably was only a couple
of minutes,then i felt him moving his thumbs into the crack of my cheeks, he did this
a couple of times always moving his thumbs up and down the crack, then he
seemed to pull my cheeks apart and then i felt him run one young bbs nymph of his fingers,
not a thumb,gently across my boy hole, did i imagine it , no there he did it again, he
told me to spread my legs so he could get easier access to my hole, i
wondered why, but i knew why, he was going to finger me, and i opened my legs as
far as they would bbs boards little
go, and i also pushed back my kds bbs cp bottom towards him,i had been fingered before by my neighbour , as he wanked me off,he ran his finger up and down the crack and eventually i felt that lovely
feeling as he carefully and gently worked his finger into me,i pushed back and he pushed some more of his finger into my hole, then he
made me bbs sister
jump as i wasn't expecting him to touch my balls, but here was a man
old enough to be my grandad , fingering me and playing with my hairless
balls, he played with amazon arena bbs them rolling them around in his hand , and pulling on
them,my cock was hard by now and pressing into the edge of the desk, i had to
move to stop it hurting me and he noticed this and let go of my balls and
took my boy cock in his hand, it was about 5 underground bbs models inches, uncut,he rolled my foreskin up and down the lenth of my cock, all the time
wiggling his finger around in side me,suddenly he took his finger out of my hole and then procceded to lick my
hole with his tongue, wow i had never had this done to me before and it was
exciting,all the while he was wanking me off slowly, ive never had precum, but i was
wet all the same, he was rubbing my precum all over the head of my cock,
driving bbs guestbook yo me wild,he stopped licking my hole and he reached into his drawer once again and
got a little child nude bbs
tube of cream out that he had , he spread it over my hole and elwebbs bbs tgp it felt
cold , especially after his hot tongue and breathe had warmed my hole up,he pushed a finger back in and i loved elwebbs yo underground it, then he took it out and pushed
two fingers in , eventually he got three fingers into my tight hole and he
said in that teacher sort of voice bbs lol asianbbs lsmagazine are you ready boy, i thought for what,
but i didn't bbs video porn
have japanese sex picture bbs to wait long to find out rompl pedo bbs ,as he pulled his fingers out and stood up, i heard him moving about behind
me, and soon found out he had dropped his trousers and pants also, i felt
the warmth of his body as he snuggled up behind me,i felt something else, hot and long and hard, he said to me to reach around
behind myself and feel what he had in store for me, kds bbs tgp porn i brought my hand
behind me and felt his cock all hot and hard, he was cut as i found out later,
but i rubbed his cock up and down , making his knees bbs angel ls model buckle a bit, he told
me to place it at my hole and guide it in, i russian cp bbs pulled him towards me and little bbs young virgins felt
his huge cock , ( well it felt huge to me) , pushing against my hole,i was scared , his fingers hurt enough, how bbs pre nn models
much would that monster hurt,he held me by the hips and gently pushed his way into my hole, he said if i
imagined i was going to the toilet and pushed like i was having a poo,
then it would help him incest drawing bbs get it in easier,so i let go of his cock and grabbed the desk once more and started to push
as if i was on the toilet, he pushed at the same time and bbs 12yo naturist with a bit rompl dark bbs of
force, i felt the head open petite virgin bbs
me candid forum bbs up and invade my tight hole, he told me to
relax xxx rape teen bbs
and let him do all the work, he virgin top bbs
kept his cock in me and lay on my back,after a while he started to move sex young bbs
further in , and slowly but surely he was
getting more and more of that cock up me,he held onto my hips and was moving in and out , all the time getting more
of his cock inside cute portal bbs xxx me,soon i felt the hair on his cock and balls touching my cheeks, he stayed
still again and leant over me and put his hands and arms under me and grab
my shoulders,then he started again to push into me and when he knew i was ready, he
pulled it almost out, i moved backwards to keep him in , but he told me not to
worry as he wasn't going to take it out till he shot his cum right up
inside my chubby bbs
bowels.he was going slow then fast, all the time it felt like his cock was going
to come out of my throat, he then told me he teen incest bbs was going to sit down and he
wanted me to keep his cock inside of me, so he held onto my waist and we sat
down boys tgp bbs
together,he told me he wanted me to raise my self up and down on his cock, so i
grabbed the bbs board elweb
edge of the desk and eased myself up of his cock, but i went too
far and it slipped bbs childmodels
out,he got hold of his cock and held it as he told me to sit back down on it, i
lowered my bottom onto his lap and felt his cock at my hole, he said ok
lower yourself and i will guide it in for you, i lowered myself and felt it
opening me up again, i took my time and this grown mans cock once again slid into forum bbs ru and
disapeared up my now , not virgin hole,soon i was sitting on his lap once more, cp child pix bbs
he said ok lets try that again,so i held onto the desk and slowly raised myself off his cock, making sure
it didn't come out this time, once i got used to doing it , he said go
faster, so i upped the rythem and heard him groan for the first time,he wasn't holding onto me and i suppose all he could feel was loita elwebbs bbs my tight hole
sucking the life out of his now solid cock, i kept this up for about ten
minutes, but my legs were getting tired , so he said pull off and lay on
your back,i lifted up and his cock came out with a plop, i got the use of my legs
back and turned around and saw my teachers face lol bbs ls zep for the first time in an hour,
, ( doesn't time fly when your enjoying yourself, ) i looked at him and
sat back on the desk,i leaned free bbs party tgp
back and he got hold of my trousers and pants and took them right
off,he bbs kogal got hold bbs quarryville pennsylvania
of my legs and raised them right up in the air, so here i was
laying tgp bbs 16 on my back with my legs up in the desi girl bbs
air and my teacher about to stick
his cock up me once more,he young girls video bbs let bbs list teen galleries go of one pre tenns bbs
of my legs and took hold of his cock, he pushed it against
my hole and then grabbed my leg again,he moved forward without pushing his cock into russian bbs nudes me , then he pushed into me
in one go, it bloody hurt and i let him know, he said sorry and leaned over
onto my body and kissed little bbs fucken me gently on the lips,my legs were over his shoulders and top girl list bbs
i was so exposed, he kept on kissing me
and i loved the kids top vombat bbs way his tongue moved inside of my mouth,i didn't realise he had started to fuck me again, but he was gentle and i
could feel every detail of his cock, i could bbs pedo illegal kids
feel the veins youngtop bbs on his cock, and
i could feel my own heart beat as his cock took up all of my hole,we stayed like this for ages him fucking me and us kissing, soon he started
going child porn photos bbs faster and i could hear his breathing getting faster, trying to keep
up with him,i didn't realise i had real russian bbs a hard on also, i went to wank myself off, but he
moved my hand away and took my little cock in boy bbs pics his huge hands and was wanking
me at about the same pace as he was fucking me,soon i heard him 13yo bbs non nude start to moan , but didn't realise what it was all about,
then he went rigid and i felt his cock sort of swell up inside me and free photos bbs models he let out
a yell that he was cumming,i could feel him shooting his cum up into my bowels, all the time he was
still wanking me and i felt that lovely feeling inside of me, and then it
happened japan pictures bbs
, i shot squirt after squirt of boy cum up onto my belly and some of
it hit my chest and some landed on my face, i had never had a cum like
that,he started to slow his pace now and his breathing was returning to normal,
he said he wasn't going to pull out yet as he little tiny girls bbs wanted to soak in me,he leaned forward and kissed me and then licked off my spunk that had
landed on my face, then he kissed me and it was the first time i had ever tasted
my own spunk, we stayed like that for what seemed like ages,he stood up illegal bbs fuck after a while and i could still feel the size of his cock even
though it was soft, little teen angels bbs he eased back and it flopped out down between his legs,
i could feel all his teeny boys bbs
cum running out of me and down the crack onto my
back,he dropped down into his chair child bbs fucking and there bbs watch zshare i was on my back legs akimbo, cum
oozing out of me, he moved forward and i felt his finger just push into me,
he pulled his finger out and sucked on it , yuk, we eventually got dressed
and he said there were a couple of teachers he knew in the school who
would like a bit of what he just had, and would i like to join him and these
teachers for a threesome or more,and i would be the main course, he said one or ukranian angel bbs two were smaller than him ,
but there was one teacher who was almost ten inches, and he could have me
last when the others and himself had opened me up sufficiently, i sexy baby bbs
said i
would love to be fucked again, and would it be soon,he said leave it with me and i will sort it out, zeps lo bbs
he gave me a young virgin bbs guestbook kiss on the
lips and said see you next Wednesday boy, with that i walked somewhat bandy
legged over to the door unlocked it and out of the classroom, .i had too wait three weeks before i had another chance storyboard bbs to get fucked by mr
smith, and this time he had help, i hope you like this tale, and i would
like to let you know what happened when i was fucked by four men, P
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